What is The Patriarchy Club?

The Patriarchy Club is a safe space for those that enjoy the privilege of a social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property, including women who willingly submit to male authority.

We welcome such women as we celebrate ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ within The Patriarchy Club. So much so, we have developed their very own logo for the babes to gush over and have made nice products available for our chicks with their very own logo emblazoned upon it. (And of course, it is a pink logo!)

Why Does This Club Exist?

Simple. Literally everything you touch or can see was either invented, or made by a man. The roof above your head. The coal that was mined to power your home, fridge, computer or iPhone was mined by a man. The fish or burger you eat was caught or slaughtered by a man for you to enjoy.

Men have worked hard. Damn hard, and men have the human right to enjoy the finer things in life after hundreds of thousands of years of protecting and caring for ‘the women and children‘. Men you have earned this.

  • Time to take a load of your backs.
  • You have have earned a break.
  • You have found a home here.

Pamper yourselves and pick up a thing or two for yourself and something for that cute little squeeze in your life. (And your side squeeze!) 



Where Can I Get Some Patriarchy?

Right here!

All you have to do is join The Patriarchy right now. Then, swear allegiance that the dominion of man is the true protector and savior over mankind, and you will be officially part of the “Boys Club”.

Even chicks can join too because we here at the Patriarchy believe in equality.

Equality for the babes to agree to let us run things because we have done a pretty damn good job for the past 500,000 years.

Join today because members of The Patriarchy Club only have to pay 77 cents on the dollar for any purchases made! Otherwise it is like a self imposed gender pay gap if you don’t!

Where is the Patriarchy From?

Ordained by the heavens.

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